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Suzhou is famous for its canals, pagodas, stone bridges and many classical gardens. The classical gardens in Suzhou were added to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1997 and 2000. Suzhou is known to the world as the "Venice of the East." Hyatt Regency Suzhou’s Concierge team can help with recommendations for a variety of leisure pursuits and how to discover all that Suzhou has to offer.

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The Humble Administrator's Garden

The Humble Administrator’s Garden is located in the ancient city. It is the largest classical garden in Suzhou, and was approved as one of the first AAAAA-class tourist attractions by the National Tourism Administration. The Humble Administrator’s Garden is known as “Four Famous Gardens” in China. In 1997, the garden was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lingering Garden

Lingering Garden is a renowned classical Chinese garden located outside the Changmen gate in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. In 1997, it was recognised along with other classical Suzhou gardens as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lingering Garden is known as one of the “Four Famous Gardens” in China.

Master of Nets Garden

The Master of Nets Garden is located at 11 Kuojiatou Lane. The Garden is a national AAAA-class tourist attraction and a historical and cultural relic under state protection. The Master of Nets Garden - originally named Ten Thousand Volume Hall - was first constructed by Shi Zhengzhi, the Deputy Civil Minister of the Southern Song Dynasty government. When the garden was restored by Song Zongyuan it was redesigned and renamed as the Master of Nets Garden, as an allusion to the simple and solitary life of a fisherman.

Lion’s Grove Garden

The Lion’s Grove Garden is one of the “Four Famous Gardens” in Suzhou. The garden is recognised along with other classical gardens in Suzhou as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a replica of the garden in the Changchun garden of the Summer Palace, and at the Chengde Mountain Resort.

Religious Sites

Hanshan Temple

Located at Fengqiao, west of the old city of Suzhou, Hanshan Temple was built during the Tianjian era (502–519) during the reign of Emperor Wu of Liang, in the Southern and Northern Dynasties period. The temple is named after Hanshan, a legendary monk and poet.

Xiyuan Temple

The Xiyuan Temple is located outside of Changmen of Suzhou, next to Hanshan Temple and near Tiger Hill Scenic Area. It is one of the National Key Temples that is open to the public and is also a Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Relics Protection Unit.


Suzhou Art Gallery

Founded in 1997, the Suzhou Art Gallery is a local early-modern and contemporary art museum. It specialises in painting, calligraphy and modern Chinese art, and holds special seminars, provides training, and continues to serve as a painting school as well as providing other art-related services.

Suzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum

The Suzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum is the first museum of its kind in China. It is located in the old house of Shen Shixing, the great scholar of the Ming Dynansty. The exhibitions includes treatment equipment, medical books and an introduction to the famous doctors of the past.

Museum of Suzhou Folk Customs

The Museum of Suzhou Folk Customs, located to the east of the Lion’s Grove Garden in Suzhou, is a regional, custom folk museum of China. It is focused on showing the local, traditional customs of Suzhou. The 500 sq m (5,381 sq ft) museum has three basic halls for wedding, festival and dietary customs.


Jinji Lake International Golf Club

The golf club provides members with services and products related to golf training, golf courses and professional golf tournaments. Since its opening in 2006, the Jinji Lake Golf Club has attracted more than 600 members and won a range of awards.

Grand Shanghai International Golf & Holiday Resort

The Grand Shanghai International Golf & Holiday Resort is located by Yangcheng Lake, home of the well-known Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. With Shanghai to the east and the Suzhou Singapore Industrial Park to the west, the resort covers an area of 700,000 square metres.